Allah matlamat kami

Demi Allah & Rasul tercinta, Demi Al-quran tersemat di dada, kugagahkan jua diri ini...

KUALA LUMPUR: The defence ministry spent RM27.5 million on ladies leather shoes for its civilian staff while the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry paid RM3.6 billion for a project to upgrade the ministry's ICT security services, according to latest figures found in the MyProcurement portal. The ladies footwear contract was awarded to Syarikat Visi Footwear Sdn Bhd for the supply and delivery of ladies leather shoes for civilian staff in the defence ministry.

"We know that the first lady aims to make Malaysia the 'Shoe Capital of the East', but surely a RM27.5 million purchase of ladies footwear for civilian staff is not the way to achieve the goal," said Tony Pua (PJ Utara-DAP) in a press conference at the parliament lobby on Monday, April 12.

Later, Pua sent out a tweet: "How many Pradas is that?". Pua, who has been scrutinising the portal, said the defence minister must explain its "incredible shopping spree" for its women staff.

He also took a swipe at the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry which uploaded its first and only contract in the portal last Thursday.

"While it's questionable why the ministry has only awarded one contract since June 2009, what was shocking was that the contract issued was to Business Information Technology Sdn Bhd for a project to upgrade the ministry's ICT security service.

"If this really is another 'decimal point error' as we suspect, then it only shows that the government is really not serious about this whole 'Myprocurement portal' thing, and it is really set up for show, rather than to ensure transparency, and eliminate rent-seeking and patronage.



bukan rm27.5m rm275K jer. cuba teliti contract tu betul2.